Do small businesses need cyber security?

Cyber threats aren’t just a problem for big corporations and governments – small businesses can be targets too. In fact, there is evidence that small businesses are more vulnerable to cyberattacks, not least because they sometimes lack the resources to protect themselves effectively.

How do I start a small cybersecurity company?

  • Secure funding and set a budget. A number of funding options can help get your business off the ground. …
  • Find the right location. Luckily, companies across the country need cybersecurity services. …
  • Market your services. …
  • Carefully draft client contracts. …
  • Hire quality employees. …
  • Protect your investment and your future

Bishop Fox

Bishop Fox is a cybersecurity consulting firm that provides expert services in penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, and security consulting. Their services help organizations identify security vulnerabilities, assess risk, and develop effective security strategies. Bishop Fox’s team of experts includes former NSA operators, ethical hackers, and security researchers.

Cado Security

Cado Security made a name by offering the first cloud-native forensics and response platform. The Cado Response platform gives security teams the capability to respond to threat incidents in cloud or container environments rapidly. Most traditional tools used for investigating cyber attacks cannot assess potential impacts on these environments.


Drata is a compliance automation platform that streamlines the compliance process for organizations. The platform provides continuous monitoring, risk assessment, and reporting to maintain compliance with industry standards and regulations, including SOC 2, HIPAA, and PCI DSS. Drata’s automated approach reduces the time and cost of achieving and maintaining compliance.


Laika bills itself as a “complete compliance solution” that includes workflows, advanced automations, auditing, penetration testing, and AI-powered vulnerability management to automate the process of identifying and prioritizing security vulnerabilities in enterprise environments. The platform uses machine learning to analyze and classify vulnerabilities based on severity, exposure, and potential impact, enabling organizations to prioritize remediation efforts more effectively.


Saviynt is a cloud-based identity and access governance (IAG) platform that helps organizations manage user identities, entitlements, and access privileges across cloud and on-premises applications. Their platform uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate IAG processes and reduce risk. Saviynt’s solutions are designed for enterprises in various industries, including financial services, healthcare, and retail.

Versa Networks

Versa Networks is a leading provider of secure SD-WAN solutions that enable organizations to optimize their WAN connectivity while maintaining a strong security posture. Their platform provides centralized visibility and control over network traffic and allows for the implementation of security policies across the entire network.

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