What is a supply chain startup?

A supply chain startup is a company that focuses on the development and launch of a technology that allows companies to manage their production lines more efficiently and securely

What are the 5 supply chains?

Five supply chain drivers, Production, Inventory, Location, Transportation, and Information, influence the performance of the supply chain. Companies can develop and manage these drivers to emphasize the ideal balance between responsiveness and efficiency, depending on your business and financial requirements.

What is supply chain optimization?

Improving supply network efficiency and performance to give customers what they want, when and where they want it, while making the business profitable and sustainable.

What is the difference between supply chain and logistics?

Supply chain is about creating an uninterrupted, cost-effective flow between consumer demand and the delivery of finished goods. Logistics is about planning and organizing operations to ensure supply chain and commerce processes run smoothly.

What is logistics and supply chain strategy?

Simply put, logistics strategy is focused on the movement (flow and storage) within the supply chain – of goods, information, products, and services – while logistics operations are focused on manufacturing within the supply chain, materials handling, and inventory management


1. Stylumia

An AI-driven demand-prediction engine that helps fashion and lifestyle brands forecast how much of a particular item will sell. Stylumia has the potential to change the face of the fashion industry by optimizing inventory levels for retailers across the globe.

 2. Hopstack

An AI-powered warehouse management software, Hopstack, has the potential to optimize warehouse operations globally, and help warehouses provide a significantly superior fulfillment experience to their clients.

 3. Freshokartz 

A full-stack agritech startup that helps farmers optimize their operations – from sourcing of inputs on time and cost-effectively, to crop advisory to optimize output, to market linkage for better realization. Freshokartz has the potential to make a significant impact on the lives of farmers in India and other developing countries.

4. SparesHub

An online marketplace for automobile spare parts, SparesHub sources automobile parts from OEMs and OES (original equipment supplier) and distributes them to garages, mechanics, and service centres via SpareHub franchise stores and the online platform. SparesHub has the potential to redefine the supply chain for automobile after-market service and address auto-industry challenges like spurious goods and the availability of long-tail inventory. 

5.Just Deliveries 

By helping brands of perishable goods replenish stock in stores more frequently and cost-effectively, this intra-city logistics service for perishables has the potential to impact the dynamics of the fresh foods and eatables industry. Their value proposition is a very powerful one for brands of perishable goods as well as for the stores that stock them.

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