What is a Prop Tech Company?

Proptech companies operate at the intersection of real estate as an industry and software development. The best proptech companies see the pains of the real estate players, analyze them, and provide perfectly tailored solutions whether in the design or functionality of a product.

So, let’s check the list of the most valuable proptech companies with the top successful solutions and the best proptech startups with strategies that proptech beginners can borrow to grow fast and create business value.

Top  Custom Prop Tech Solution Providers


Type of service: Custom software development in commercial real estate

Founded: 1996

The core expertise of Ascendix professionals resides in streamlining workflows and automating tasks of property managers and owners, brokers, and venture capital investors with custom-built solutions like reporting and document management systems, and customer relationship management tools (CRM) among many others.


Type of Service: Versatile custom software development

Founded: 1999

One of the largest real estate tech companies with headquarters in Texas, Iflexion offers extensive experience to players in industries like real estate and building and construction among others.The company’s 850+ tech-savvy professionals can build a mobile platform, customize Salesforce, and redesign and reconfigure the digital solutions that are already a part of the company’s stack.


Type of Service: Versatile custom software development with AI, AR, and IoT focus

Founded: 2003

Fingent stands out among other proptech companies in the USA with its foremost focus on artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, the internet of things, and robotic process automation.


Type of Service: IT consulting and custom software development

Founded: 1989

Sciencesoft started as an AI-focused company, but in 2002, switched to IT consulting and custom software development. Like Fingent, Sciencesoft puts IoT, big data, AI, and VR/AR in the basics of its operations.

Real estate enterprises can benefit from custom-made underwriting, finance, and insurance solutions. Also, Sciencesoft can customize the platforms that a company uses (Microsoft, Salesforce, Azure, etc.).


Type of Service: IT consulting and custom software development

Founded: 2007

Real estate can benefit from insurance and construction solutions developed by the company. For instance, the construction digital solutions include Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, construction project management and inspection tools along with analytics and reporting.


Type of Service: Versatile custom software development

Founded: 2000

Chetu is a US-based custom software development company focusing its expertise on a wide range of industries like real estate, environmental management, healthcare, banking, wearable technology, etc.

Along with being a proptech firm, Chetu is also a Salesforce partner and provides services like Salesforce customization, implementation, and consulting.


Type of Service: Versatile custom software development

Founded: 2007

Taazaa offers a diverse array of services like mobile and web development, data and product engineering, IU/UX design, and quality assurance.

Real estate companies can gain value from tenant management, space planning and property management solutions, CRMs, construction management systems, and analytics platforms, all custom developed by Taazaa.

Top 3 Proptech Startups


Type of Solution: Construction rental services (marketplace)

Founded: 2015

One of the most funded proptech companies, EquipmentShare is a leader in construction automation. The company allows contractors to rent construction equipment with installed GPS trackers from other contractors by paying a small fee to the rental company which EquipmentShare is.


Type of Solution: Second home investment

Founded: 2020

One of the world-known real estate unicorns, Pacaso has fairly taken the place among the most valuable proptech companies in less than a year. Currently, the company is focusing more on luxury second home sales, since this type of second home purchase has increased by 25% during the second quarter of 2022.


Type of Solution: Real estate marketplace

Founded: 2017

Orchard is a great example of proptech firms that haven’t revolutionized the market but made the oldest ideas work for them with a tiny reshaping. You can window shop at the company’s site to find out whether the units are worth it. Orchard can skip the house shows, delegating the whole selling-and-buying process to the company’s professionals.

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